Why to get Lost

To find more what is already there

The LOST Club provides each of its exclusive members a unique platform to engage in various kinds of social interactions, which are not only social but also a great networking platform . These platforms will help you meet and connect with like-minded people.  In business or in life, it is essential that you meet new people, share your thoughts and connect with those who have the same interests as you.

Mission & Belief

To lead a better life

Life is more than what meets the eye.There are zones where you know that you know. Then zones where you know that you don’t know. Also zones where you don’t know that you know, and finally “You don’t know that you don’t know”. Our Mission is to explore this zone.


“Don’t let life pass you by, before you realize it was worth living”. You don’t have to wait all week for Friday, all year for summer or all your life for happiness. With ‘The LOST  Club’ you can create your own happiness, and also be the reason for someone else’s happiness.

Get Connected

Our Facebook Group is the key our main communication platform, Sharing Ideas, Providing information and interaction here is working as a very successful tool