“Nothing is difficult when you are blessed with a pure heart and a kind soul.”

Everyone who work for others without expecting anything in return are real examples of humanity. We the Lost Club brought these people together by organizing an initiative of Lost Care. Everyone came in different roles as donors, volunteers, organizers and kids were most important part of it. Here we are with some interesting details about event:

We gave a call to humanity to come together for one cause and came up with idea of helping the most beautiful creation of god and started working out for a plan to give maximum smiles. A “Lost Care for children” initiative organized by Lost Club to help the needy children of slums. On 6th of August 2016 we found the lost one with a lost drive.

Lost Drive targeted slums of West Delhi like Shalimar Bagh,GP Block ,Rohini and many more.We targeted thousand of kids in a single day and gifted them clothes,shoes and eatables.This couldn’t be possible without the help of people who donated whole heartedly and volunteers who worked very hard to make it happen.We reached our target of collecting 1000 units in a week.

A 4 year old kid volunteering event by distributing toys among children.

Rudraksha 14 year old kid perfectly taken care of belongings and managed things on his behalf.

Archit and Gargi the navigators were dedicatedly working on providing the things most needed one.

Aditi,Shiva and Tina distributed eatables and clothes to every child.Arun,Akshay,Satvir, Kanika and Shilpi managed long cues perfectly.